Reshaping urban living together

To respond even better to the changing needs of our residents, tenants and clients, we have changed our name and introduced our new brands since 17 January 2022. As a result, we remain an organisation that moves, innovates and inspires. An organisation that stands for reliability, sustainability and commitment. From now on, therefore, we are Mosaic World.

As with any mosaic, the value of Mosaic World is much more than the sum of its parts. Each of our divisions has a unique advantage in being part of a larger 'ecosystem' of companies, all designed to realise our shared vision, a vision of vibrant urban spaces made up of a diverse and dynamic population.


Plaza Resident Services offers start-ups, newcomers and students in European cities small-scale living spaces with private facilities and shared community spaces. A corresponding service-oriented service in a safe, inspiring community is the starting point.


Monoma is temporary living 2.0, via loan or temporary loan, offering people who opt for a modern, nomadic lifestyle a temporary living space in unconventional unused real estate that gives the urban environment a powerful, creative boost.


Our platform NewNewNew makes searching for a suitable living space fun and transparent with an up-to-date overview of available short- and long-term living, working, parking and storage spaces in a dynamic community.


Watchtower Security Solutions provides temporary security and surveillance of buildings, construction sites and outdoor areas, among others.