Reshaping Urban Living Together

As with any mosaic, the value of Mosaic World is much more than the sum of its parts. Each of its components gains unique competitive advantage by being part of a larger ‘ecosystem’ of companies, all designed to realise a shared vision of vibrant urban spaces animated by a diverse and dynamic population..

A city can be divided into districts, neighborhoods, and streets. But that is not what cities are made of. Cities are made of communities, and communities are made of connections, human connections, between people and the spaces, both private and public, where they live and work. Policy makers have long assumed that the only way to build these connections was to encourage lifelong home-ownership.

But cities thrive on dynamism and change, on people coming and going. That’s their enduring attraction: the kaleidoscopic range of exciting, new connections they offer.

Our purpose at Mosaic World is to reshape urban living together.

To do that, we oversee a set of organizations that work together to speed up the rate at which community-building connections are made. We act as a community catalyst, connecting a wide variety of people with the widest variety of available, affordable living spaces, from raw concrete studios to carpeted flats; as well as providing services that help protect and nurture communities, keeping them safe and social as they grow.