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  • 17-4-2023

Watchtower Security Solutions will also provide temporary camera surveillance in Belgium

After the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, Watchtower Security Solutions will now also offer its temporary camera surveillance solutions in Belgium.

Watchtower Security Solutions, part of Mosaic World, specialises in advanced security systems that can protect vacant properties, building sites, infrastructure projects, events, etc. from vandalism, burglary, theft or unwanted trespassing. As part of Mosaic World, Watchtower Security Solutions has years of experience in construction, building sites and their security.

After the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, Belgium is now the 4th country where Watchtower Security Solutions offers its solutions. "Since we were already present in Belgium with Monoma, also part of Mosaic World, it was a logical step for us to also take the step to Belgium with Watchtower Security Solutions," explains Wouter Ommeslag, Managing Director Watchtower Security Solutions.

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