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  • 4-1-2022

Plaza Resident Services places AEDs at residental complexes

A good idea from Plaza Resident Services for the new year is taking shape. From 2022 onwards, the placement of an Automatic Electrical Defibrillator (AED) will be a included in the Statement of Requirements for all residential complexes managed by the company.

"We chose to place the AEDs on the outside of our buildings so that, in addition to our own residents, those living nearby can also use them in the event of a cardiac arrest," explains Patrick Dillen, Manager of Operations and Management at Plaza Resident Services. "The AEDs are also registered with the HartslagNu reanimation call system so that they are immediately available for the civilian emergency services network if 112 is called in the event of a suspected cardiac arrest. In doing so, we are not only following the call of the Dutch Heart Foundation to contribute to their mission of Vastgoed Hartveilig, of which we are ambassadors, but also our own vision on property management: reliable, connected and sustainable. Creating communities together goes beyond the front door, so we remain open to initiatives that contribute to this."

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