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  • 17-9-2021

Patricia Ghering appointed as Mosaic World CEO

Patricia Ghering has been appointed as the successor of Mosaic World owner and founder Joost van Gestel, who will focus on the project development branch B-Right Urban Living. Ghering will lead all rental, vacancy management and security activities within the umbrella brand Mosaic World.

With Patricia Ghering, the company attracts an experienced manager. She has worked at Facilicom Group since 2006 where she held various management positions. In the past, she was, among other things, commercial director of one of the largest cleaning companies in the Netherlands, director within the French organisation and programme director of strategic projects within the holding company. Ghering will manage the divisions rental & operation (SPOTS4You), vacancy management (Camelot) and security (WatchTower Security Solutions) and will be responsible for monitoring service quality and optimising processes.

Van Gestel on the appointment of Ghering: "With the introduction of our new umbrella brand Mosaic World and the splitting of our activities into four divisions under our own name, the final step in the process was to appoint a new CEO to further shape this new course. From the first meeting, Patricia showed enormous drive to work with our staff to develop and manage fine, safe, appropriate and affordable living and working spaces for tens of thousands of people in Europe."

I am happy with the trust that Joost and my new colleagues are giving me


"I am taking over the baton from someone who, with a lot of love and especially hard work, in 27 years has built a very powerful and pioneering company that makes a positive contribution to the housing challenges of our time. It goes without saying that an organisation of this size, built in a relatively short period of time, is bound to experience some growth spurts. I am ready to work with the dedicated and enthusiastic team to further improve the service to clients and residents."

Project development

Van Gestel will focus on further expanding the project development division of B-Right Urban Living. Together with its partners, B-Right Urban Living will have built thousands of affordable new homes and studios in the Netherlands by 2020. In the next five years, it wants to continue this ambition, also beyond the national borders by entering a second European market, including through new construction and the transformation of vacant office buildings. Van Gestel: "I get more energy when I can build on a company and that is what I am going to focus on again. For the other three Mosaic World divisions, Patricia is the right person in the right place with her leadership qualities." Van Gestel, together with CFO Peter Habraken, will remain responsible for all private equity, investment and financing activities of Mosaic World.

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