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  • 15-5-2024

Achieving deadlines together, laughing together, and working together in the Finance Department at Mosaic World

One of the largest supporting departments within Mosaic World is our Finance department, where several colleagues are responsible for proper financial processing of payments to and from residents, partners and customers in different countries. One of these colleagues in this department is Revanney, now working as a financial administrator for over 2.5 years.

Career opportunities

After completing his studies in accountancy, Revanney began his career at Mosaic World. “This is my first real ‘grown-up’ job, so to speak.” He quickly realized that Mosaic World offered him plenty of opportunities to develop and advance within the organization. “Step by step, I have been given more responsibilities. This process feels very natural and gradual, and I receive ample support from my colleagues and supervisors to continue developing and advancing.”

Currently, Revanney is responsible for the accounts payable and receivable processes as a financial administrator. “In my daily work, I have business contact with our customers regarding payments. Because Mosaic World encompasses several brands, I also interact with many different departments and colleagues. This makes my job very diverse and varied.”

"Not a day goes by without laughter in the department!"

Open Culture

What really stands out to him is the informal and open culture at Mosaic World. “I can approach anyone with a question, and colleagues are immediately willing to help. This has pleasantly surprised me. It's also great that you can be open and honest with each other. When you're working towards the same goal together, it's nice that everyone feels valued and involved.”

Since you spend almost 8 hours a day with some colleagues, the atmosphere between you and your team is crucial. For Revanney, humor plays a significant role in this. “Humor contributes to a good atmosphere within our team. Not a day goes by without laughter in the department. And thankfully, there's also room to do something spontaneous, something silly, or something different occasionally to maintain that good atmosphere.”

One of these initiatives is Mosaic World Active, where colleagues participate in a different sport together every month. “We also have a lunch club. Every two weeks, a group of 3 colleagues prepares a delicious lunch for over 40 colleagues. Having lunch together in this way really adds to the bond and camaraderie. You get to know colleagues in a different way, including those you may have less interaction with in your daily work.”


Just like any Finance department, the end of the month closing period is a busy time, at Mosaic World as well. For Revanney, it's actually a very enjoyable period. “During these days, our department has a few days to finalize the accounting for various entities for that month. This can sometimes be quite busy and stressful, with unexpected challenges and long days. But it's precisely these challenges that make my work so interesting. When we manage to get everything done on time together, it really gives us a boost!”

A similar challenge that Revanney looks back on with pride is his role in setting up the Finnish administration. “When I first joined, a large part of the Finnish administration was under my responsibility. Until we had a colleague from our Finnish office take over everything, it was really my baby. That's one of the projects I'm truly proud of.”

Will you be our new colleague?

Are you, like Revanney, looking for a challenging job with plenty of opportunities for growth?

If we welcome you soon as a new colleague, Revanney has a valuable tip for you. "Be yourself and don't be afraid to approach colleagues if you get stuck. They really want to help you, and it gives you an immediate understanding of the various roles within the organization."