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  • 29-10-2021

Maintenance partnership with Jansen Huybregts

Mosaic World is continuously working on improving its services and customer focus. That is why we have outsourced the daily maintenance of our housing units (approximately 4,500 homes) to Jansen Huybregts. In doing so, we are entering into a long-term partnership in which sustainability and customer satisfaction are central.

Jansen Huybregts' services are tailored to the needs of our residents, for which a digital repair process has been developed that is linked to our customer portal.

Together with Jansen Huybregts, we are working to achieve a higher First-Time-Fixed percentage. Through this cooperation and automation, we reduce, among other things, the transfer moments, which improves efficiency and service.

At the La Luna complex in Eindhoven (441 units) we are starting the "sustainable maintenance" pilot. At fixed times during a month, a mechanic from Jansen Huybregts will be present at the complex to perform preventive maintenance on both the building and the studios. By actively engaging in preventive maintenance in this way, we can prevent breakdowns and bundle orders, resulting in less CO2 emissions, fewer unexpected repairs, and improved customer satisfaction.

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