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  • 29-9-2023

Affordable Housing in the center of Sittard with the delivery of 65 studios by B-Right Urban Living

B-Right Urban Living will deliver the first phase of its project at Stationsplein in Sittard in December 2023, featuring 38 affordable studios. The second phase, a building block with 27 affordable studios on the nearby Bergstraat, is expected to be completed in early 2025. The parent company, Mosaic Microliving, will add these 65 social rental homes in the center of Sittard to its portfolio.

The housing market in the Netherlands is under pressure, and rising interest and construction costs have led to delays or cancellations in many construction projects. Despite these challenging circumstances, B-Right Urban Living has managed to add 65 affordable studios to the housing market in Sittard. While local starters and young people face long waiting lists with housing associations and are unable to afford a home due to higher interest rates, B-Right Urban Living is helping this target group by offering affordable rental housing.

"With the upcoming completion of phase 1 and later phase 2, we are providing 65 affordable rental homes for a group that is currently facing significant difficulties. The number of households is also increasing in Sittard. We realize that this is just a drop in the ocean, but in this way, we are trying to contribute to solving the housing crisis in the Netherlands," said Olaf Terpstra, Director.

B-Right Urban Living develops innovative micro-housing solutions, which are a smart combination of affordable personal spaces and shared spaces, resulting in affordable and livable living spaces. In 2022, B-Right Urban Living added a total of 855 affordable rental apartments and studios to the Mosaic Microliving portfolio, while construction of 700 social rental homes is set to begin in the next 12 months. In this way, even in the current economic climate, B-Right Urban Living plays a significant role in the development of affordable housing solutions in the Netherlands.

This project was partly made possible by a funding from the province of Limburg.

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