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  • 17-3-2023

Accrediting the ISO-9001 at Monoma and Plaza Resident Services

In 2022, for the 17th year in a row, Monoma Netherlands and Plaza Resident Services have been successfully ISO-9001: Quality Management Systems audited. By achieving this accreditation, we are continuously improving the relationship between our customers and our organisation. The ISO-9001 standard is a guarantee to of a consistent, transparent, and reliable working method. Our Business, Quality & Control department monitors our working method in all the countries where we are currently active.

Alongside our 17th ISO-9001 certificate, Monoma Ireland, Monoma France, and Monoma Finland have received an ISO accreditation for the 1st time. By implementing the ISO structure in Finland, France, and Ireland we now have a better efficiency and consistency of our major business practices, a better understanding of the needs of our customers and a better regulation of successful working practices. Alongside this, we’ve improved our customer satisfaction, our risk management, and our internal communication.

At Mosaic World, we always set the bar a little higher for ourselves and we strive to continuously improve our organisation, our working methods, and our relationship with our customers.

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