Plaza Resident Services


For city makers, Plaza Resident Services unlocks and secures smart micro living solutions that are community-driven, of high quality and have resident-centric service, giving people the home and freedom to live a vibrant city life.

The word plaza comes from the Spanish word meaning ‘place’

When people interact in a place of communal spirit and security, this place evolves from a marketplace into something more. It becomes the physical framework on which a community grows.

Our purpose at Plaza Resident Services is to smooth the process through which a place becomes a home and a home becomes part of a thriving urban neighbourhood.

We do this by offering students, new residents and city starters of all sorts smart, smaller urban living spaces to make into their own homes and the residential services to help knit those homes into a real community.

While traditional housing policy privileges permanent homeownership, we draw our inspiration from the original plazas, where a diverse, dynamic mix of people regularly came together to create a cosmopolitan and welcoming environment.