For new city explorers, NewNewNew opens up available city spaces through personal, real-time offerings, enabling local community building and giving people a living platform to inform and inspire a (new) city lifestyle.

It might seem odd that moving house is regularly rated as one of the most stressful events in life, right alongside divorce and job loss.

But when you think about the actual experience, it is often a long, dreary, opaque process, lit by only a few moments of joy at the exciting prospect of renewal that moving offers.

At NewNewNew, we intend to reverse that situation, so that the process of finding a place and making it your own is easy, transparent, and even joyful.

At heart, we offer a platform where you can find a range of available spaces, from short-term to long-term and from the funky to the familiar.

Here you can find the studio to develop your new art as easily as the large flat to live together

Because we believe that the old formula for community, based on homeownership and cultural homogeneity, no longer works well enough, especially for cities.

Today’s healthy urban communities are based on an open, dynamic mix of residents who are nevertheless connected to the neighborhood and their fellow residents.

So, if we can make it easy and enjoyable for more people to discover and truly inhabit more diverse urban spaces, everyone benefits: cities, residents and property owners, making NewNewNew a win-win-win proposition.