Vacant properties offer an opportunity. In cities everywhere, vacant properties have become the engines of urban rebirth. With the right combination of low prices and unconventional spaces, vacant property can attract a dynamic and creative community, eager to be part of the city.

(Con)temporary living solutions by creative use of space

When left empty, vacant properties can accelerate neighborhood decline, depressing property values, raising municipal service costs, and most importantly, decreasing the quality of life for residents.

And that is where we come in. With Monoma, we offer (con)temporary living solutions that use space creatively. This way, we give people the home and freedom to live a vibrant city life, to live anywhere.

But, we are not only here for residents. We also work closely together with property owners to find the best possible solution for their vacant property. Because a living community is the best security system ever made. Our residents are the guardians of your property. Not the typical armed and isolated 'security guards', but open and engaged people who understand that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. We will find the right solution, the right people and the right purpose for your property.