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  • 03 Jul 2023

School children give shopping centre Kastelenplein new look

To improve the appearance of shopping centre Kastelenplein in Eindhoven, owner Mosaic World and property developer FiMek estate worked together with schoolchildren from several Eindhoven primary schools. This collaboration led to several initiatives to improve both the looks of the vacant sauna complex and the liveliness of the shopping centre.


Playing with Castles

With the aim of attracting extra visitors to the shopping centre and increasing the liveliness, the "Playing with Castles" campaign was launched. Pupils from seven Eindhoven primary schools were challenged to decorate cardboard castles according to their own insight and creativity. The results were displayed in the mall, where visitors could vote for their favourite design. On 3 July, a festive gathering took place where the winning schools were announced and received a cheque from councillor Stijn Steenbakkers.

Graffiti artwork

On the same afternoon, councillor Stijn Steenbakkers, an Eindhoven graffiti artist and some pupils made the first steps towards a large graffiti artwork that will decorate the outside of the sauna complex. Also in this initiative, input was asked from pupils of primary schools in the area. In cooperation with Eindhoven urban culture platform EMOVES, a competition was launched, where primary school pupils could provide their own ideas and inspiration for the final artwork. The artwork will be 'unveiled' on 14 July, where some pupils will apply the final piece of the artwork together with the artist.

Future plans

Mosaic World acquired both Kastelenplein and the adjacent sauna complex last autumn. Together with property developer FiMek estate, plans are being made to revitalise the shopping centre and its immediate surroundings, including the realisation of at least 800 new homes. Although the redevelopment will take several more years, Mosaic World and FiMek estate, together with the municipality of Eindhoven, are already taking steps to improve the appearance of the shopping centre and keep it a pleasant and safe place to stay and meet.

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