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  • 17 May 2022

Mosaic World ISO-9001 certified for the 16th year in a row

Mosaic World has been successfully audited for its ISO-9001 certification standards by BSI (The Royal British Standards Institution) for the 16th year in a row.


The international ISO 9001 standard is a guarantee for our clients, the owners of the real estate, as well as our residents that we manage our real estate and communicate with our residents throughout Europe in a consistent way. With an annual update and audit of its processes and working methods, the Business Intelligence, Quality & Control department from the Eindhoven head office monitors a uniform, reliable and transparent working method in all nine countries where the company is active.

We always set the bar a little higher for ourselves. What is good today will be outdated tomorrow.

Wouter Ommeslag, COO Mosaic World

Quality Officer Linda Soetens-Breurken: “It is not just about hard values, such as GDPR-proof data management or compliance with security standards, such as NEN 8025. In recent years we have focused on the 'soft' values in our company. Then you have to think of the accessibility of our customer service, fast and correct handling of complaints, transparency towards our residents....” Major strides have been made in this area in particular in the past year. With the introduction of a customer portal, residents can arrange many things online themselves. From insight into the service costs to quickly digitally signing a rental agreement.

COO Wouter Ommeslag, ultimately responsible for operational management in Europe: "We always set the bar a little higher for ourselves. What is good today will be outdated tomorrow. For example, we aim to launch an extension to our customer portal this year, making it even easier and more comfortable for our residents to move into a room through us.”

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