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  • 01 Aug 2023

Amsterdam Zuid-Oost gains 600 new homes in one go

With the completion of the complexes Hillside and De Flier, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost has gained more than 600 new homes in one go. By redeveloping the former tax office on Flierbosdreef and transforming the Amstel III office park, B-Right Urban Living is contributing to the development of a renewed, dynamic living environment in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.



The office area Holendrecht - Amstel III is currently being transformed into a mixed-use area with living, working and recreation for different target groups. Hillside is seen as a landmark project, and is one of the first quality impulses in this area.

The former office building at Paasheuvelweg 17 has been transformed and linked to a new 58-metre residential tower. In total, there are around 230 residential units created. Two new parking levels have also been built on top of the transformed office, accessible by a brand new car lift.

For the residents of the complex, communal facilities have been created on the ground floor. These include the complex manager office, the laundrette, and the multifunctional lounge. These communal facilities encourage social interaction between residents.

In the plinth of the new-build tower, a catering area with a covered terrace has been realised as well, adding value to the complex for local residents.

De Flier

Built in 2001, this office building was originally used by the Amsterdam Tax Authority. The building is located on the corner of Bijlmerdreef and Flierbosdreef in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

B-Right Urban Living succeeded in giving an outdated, empty municipal office a second life by completely transforming it into permanent housing with around 400 flats. To achieve this, we added two floors to the existing building. The building was completely gutted and renovated from the inside. This makes the quality level of the residential building almost equal to new construction. The flats meet Energy Label A, A+ and A++.

Residents can make use of a communal spacious lounge with a terrace, work and seating areas and a laundrette. In addition, an indoor cinema has been realised. Here, too, we contribute to social interaction among residents by adding these communal facilities.

The plinth of the complex has space for catering, social functions and a commercial space. Part of this has been let to the Amsterdam Public Library. During the transformation of the complex, we managed to keep both the library, and the adjacent "Hostelle", active and in use, so that the impact on their operations was minimal.

Both projects are a joint development between Doniger Urban Developments and Mosaic World, and were recently completed. Meanwhile, all properties have been handed over to Plaza Resident Services, which will take on the further management of the complexes.

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