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  • 06 Jul 2022

Hely Hub Pauwmolen opens its doors

Last month, the Hely Hub Pauwmolen officially opened its doors. This makes the Pauwmolen complex in Delft the first Plaza Resident Services complex to provide a sustainable shared mobility solution to its residents.


The electric cars and bikes can be used exclusively by the residents of the Pauwmolen complex via the Hely app. To encourage the use of the cars and bicycles, all residents have been given a €10 driving credit by Hely.

Offering shared mobility fits in with Plaza Resident Services' vision of property management, in which reliability, connectivity and sustainability are key. By opening the Hely Hub we are responding to the needs of the target group, mainly (international) students and young people, who often do not have their own means of transport. The shared cars and shared bicycles give them the convenience and accessibility of having their own car or bike.

Sustainable shared mobility

Hely, founded by PON & NS, aims to make mobility more sustainable, to improve the quality of life in cities and to offer flexibility to travellers. Contrary to most shared mobility providers, Hely does not focus on one specific means of transport, but wants to make things easy for the user by offering all types of shared mobility.

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