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  • 18 Jul 2023

Graffiti artwork gives Kastelenplein an Instagram-worthy look

Since a few days, a graffiti artwork of about 60m2 has been decorating the outside of the former sauna complex at Kastelenplein in Eindhoven. The artwork, based on the creative input of Eindhoven primary school pupils, is intended to give Kastelenplein a fresh look and make it the central hub of the neighbourhood, pending final development plans.


In collaboration with Eindhoven urban culture platform EMOVES, a competition was launched, where primary school pupils could provide their own ideas and inspiration for the final artwork. A few weeks ago, councillor Stijn Steenbakkers, the graffiti artist involved and some of the pupils gave the initial push for the graffiti artwork by spraying their names on the wall. Last Friday, 14 July, two of the pupils, whose input was used for the final design, were allowed to add their names to the artwork, officially opening it.

Happy local residents

The artwork, as well as the other initiatives that owner Mosaic World is implementing together with property developer FiMek estate at Kastelenplein, are intended to improve the appearance of the shopping centre and give it a central role in the neighbourhood again. Already during the artwork's installation, local residents expressed their delight that the shopping centre was finally being tackled and improvements were visible. Not only was the graffiti artist addressed almost daily by happy local residents, the schoolchildren involved and their families are also proud of the artwork and see it really becoming a neighbourhood attraction.

I am going to bring all my friends to come and see my artwork!

Tygo, one of the involved schoolchildren

Future plans

Mosaic World acquired both Kastelenplein and the adjacent sauna complex last autumn. Together with property developer FiMek estate, plans are being made to revitalise the shopping centre and its immediate surroundings, including the realisation of at least 800 new homes. Although the redevelopment will take several more years, Mosaic World and FiMek estate are already taking steps to improve the appearance of the shopping centre and make it a pleasant and safe place to stay and meet. In this, the graffiti artwork is just the beginning of the transformation the area will undergo.

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