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  • 10 Mar 2022

Attractive living in vibrant cities and communities

Mosaic World stands for modern living and working solutions in new and existing properties. Several business units help thousands of people to find affordable housing all over Europe. "We offer attractive opportunities to come and go," says Chief Commercial Officer Jolijn van den Hengel.


Mosaic World is a new name for a very diverse range of housing and work solutions. "We opted for a new name, because the old service no longer covered our scope for a long time," says Van den Hengel. "Mosaic World builds a bridge between the demand for living and working space and feasible solutions that meet the needs of our target groups. Through various companies, we offer a mosaic of living and working solutions, both in vacant and existing properties and where possible on new-build sites, hence the name."

Beyond anti-squatting

The days of the old Camelot are really over, emphasises Van den Hengel. "Thirty years ago, we launched anti-squatting and vacancy management, but temporary management of vacant buildings does not offer sufficient social and business perspective. We no longer use the word 'anti-squatting' either. We want to offer sufficient choice to people who are looking for living or working space. Through our brand Monoma, modern nomadic living, we continue with temporary filling of unused real estate, but then much more in the sense of appropriate temporary living. We manage and invest together with the owner. We also carry out audits everywhere on the basis of NEN and ISO standards."

According to Van den Hengel, more and more people are looking for places where they can stay temporarily. "It suits the lifestyle of a certain group of city dwellers to regularly change places. That generation is not at all looking for a home of its own. They form only part of the group we serve. There are also people who are looking for temporary accommodation due to personal circumstances; we also help knowledge workers and migrants in crucial professions and in some places we play a role in accommodating status holders."

Mosaic World builds a bridge between the demand for living and working space and feasible solutions that meet the needs of our target groups

Jolijn van den Hengel - Mosaic World CCO

Active involvement

Monoma is active in Finland, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The company is opting for a new role. "Mosaic World is increasingly becoming a partner of property owners. We think along with them about the possible use of a building. In order to create attractive communities, investments will have to be made in residential experience and quality. It is also important to give an impulse to an area, which in turn is good for the value of the property. We make our knowledge and expertise available to owners and governments, and are also prepared to make investments ourselves. Sometimes for a year, sometimes for a period of five to ten years.

The temporary filling of a large complex near Helsinki serves as an example. "A pension fund was looking for a temporary reallocation of a former distribution centre. They had no idea about the solution. There, together with the owner and the local government, we invested in transforming it into a place where a hundred people can live and work together. There is also a housing shortage there. Finland has many migrant workers. Through us, they have access to affordable rooms with shared facilities. We have also invested in workspaces. We house the studios of the Finnish version of the television programme Big Brother, as well as parking spaces, an auditorium, meeting rooms and storage rooms. There is plenty of space." In Finland we will also invest in a university research project on how to fill co-working spaces. "This form of bringing together vacant real estate on the one hand and creative people and start-ups on the other, is called 'mush-rooming'."


Real communities

In addition, Mosaic World has the business unit Plaza Resident Services. They focus specifically on small-scale living quarters with their own facilities and shared community spaces for starters, students and newcomers. Often on campuses. For example, on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology a 'microliving' building with more than 400 living spaces is being operated. "We have really created a community there. Not only do 440 students live there. We also accommodate a crèche, a restaurant, a supermarket and all sorts of communal areas including a cinema, a roof terrace and a communal kitchen. Plaza Resident Services is about providing the total service: somewhere between the feel of a hotel and renting a home. And we do it in a transparent, customer-friendly way."

Increasing customer satisfaction

As CCO, Van den Hengel is responsible for the growth of the companies in all countries. Her focus is on customer relations. "In the past, contact with customers, getting to know them, forming contracts, making payments and dealing with complaints was fragmented within the organization. My team focuses on the entire 'customer journey' of a potential user or resident. We now have a good customer portal; people are helped faster and better. We also see this reflected in an increased customer satisfaction."

This article was originaly shared (in Dutch) in the Woonvormen special of Vastgoedjournaal.

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