Watchtower Security Solutions


Most property security services pride themselves on their ability to block off an area, defend its boundaries and loudly proclaim ‘STAY AWAY: This area is unoccupied.’

But the best security, both for the property owner and the surrounding community, is security that is part of the neighborhood.

This is the core of what we at WatchTower Security Solutions mean by progressive property security. An approach that is physically (in terms of blending in) and socially (in its customer-centric service and responsibility to the neighborhood) designed to fit in rather than stand out.

One example: reconsidering the role of lighting. The old thinking is ‘the brighter, the better’ leading to a hostile atmosphere, high electricity use, and sleepless, annoyed neighbors. By using exclusively infra-red night lighting and fewer, solar-powered poles, we can help keep construction sites and other properties from becoming eyesores or targets for thieves.

The same kind of progressive thinking can be seen in our entrepreneurial, personal approach to each property and each client. We are a modern service provider, technologically-savvy and socially aware, bringing insight and intelligence to urban property security. That’s progress.