Quality Policy


Reshaping urban living together


For city inhabitants, we offer sustainable micro living solutions, providing our clients a comfortable and safe hideaway at home,or enabling them to fully engage and enjoy participation in city life.


At Mosaic World our purpose is to reshape urban living together. To do that, we oversee a set of organizations that work together to speed up the rate at which community-building connections are made.

We act as a community catalyst, connecting a wide variety of people with the widest variety of available, affordable living spaces, from raw concrete studios to carpeted flats; as well as providing services that help protect and nurture communities, keeping them safe and social as they grow.

We strive to be a partner to our clients, working together on their challenges, to ensure a solid return on their property. We do this by providing tailor-made solutions, and by taking the extra step. We offer more than just a service.

Strategic focus points

To meet our goals, we rely on three important strategic focus points. The focus points help us make strategic decisions, now and in the future.

Reliable living

We are trustworthy and reliable, meaning we live up to our promises, are predictable, transparent, and reasonable. This is the basis of everything that we do, and a requirement for all future steps that will be taken.

Sustainable living

We want to have a contribution to society and to be part of the community. We want to build lasting relationships with our clients, our residents, and our other stakeholders. We do this by offering a complete set of solutions, by acting pro-actively, and by sharing knowledge and experience, all in order to create accessible urban solutions.

Connected living

We want to be seamlessly connected to society. We are open to new developments, to new technologies, and to new legislation and laws. We move along with the demands and needs of our customers and residents, so we can guarantee state-of-the-art solution, now and in the future.

Guiding principles

The basis of all we do is translated in several guiding principles. These principles are the core of who we are, what we believe in, and what we stand for.


We are human centered, inclusive, and diverse.


We are sustainable, social, and fair.


We are creative, ambitious, and innovative.


We are professional, structured, financially solid, and compliant.


We are open, honest, and we keep it as simple as possible.

A mosaic of brands

As with any mosaic, the value of Mosaic World is much more than the sum of its parts. Each of our components gains unique competitive advantage by being part of a larger ‘ecosystem’ of companies, all designed to realize a shared vision of vibrant urban spaces animated by a diverse and dynamic population.

B-Right Urban Living

Where the shortage of urban space and the realisation of suitable housing is becoming a major problem, B-Right Urban Living offers solutions in a sustainable way. We are working on a future in which affordable, comfortable housing is available to everyone who wants to live in an urban environment. But also, a world where it is more than logical for people to find the facilities they need in their daily lives at the place where they live.

Plaza Resident Services

For long-term rentals, Plaza Resident Services offers students, starters and other ‘new urbanites’ high-quality living spaces as well as programs, services and management that foster social engagement and connection.


Changing cities are also full of vacant properties; properties that too often lead to neighborhood decline but could become engines of urban rebirth when occupied by the right people: creative, flexible, engaged, and responsible. Through Monoma, we find the right people, match them with temporary vacant housing and support them in making a ‘vacant property’ into part of a community while they live or work there.

WatchTower Security Solutions

Our property security division, WatchTower Security Services, is also based on the belief that community is the best security system there is. We keep vacant property secure with an approach based on community awareness as well as trusted vigilance.


We are committed to comply with and exceed the requirements of legal and regulatory, and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by measuring the progress of our Quality objectives.

All the below listed interested parties are relevant to our quality management system:

  • Residents (guardians and tenants)
  • Staff / owner (shareholders)
  • Suppliers
  • Neighbours / Local community
  • Emergency services
  • Government / political parties / legislation
  • Vacant security industry / competitors / consumer protection institutions / trade associations
  • Media (social- and press)
  • Risk management institutions (Insurers, banks)

In support of this policy, Mosaic World has implemented a management philosophy based upon the requirements:

  • Current version NL, UK, IE, BE, FR, DE, DK, FI, ES
  • ISO 9001
  • PSA 28

Additionally, the Quality System, including this Policy is reviewed at least annually to ensure continuing effectiveness and integrity of the company.

Approved by CEO Mosaic World - 15/12/2022